Roll-On Helper

Get to those hard-to-reach places with ease!

What do you do when you cause yourself pain while trying to be relieved from pain, like arching your back and contorting your torso to reach other parts of your body?

The Roll-On Helper is a solution to a problem that Roy had with his back pain. His back was hurting badly, and he wanted to put some roll-on pain reliever on his upper back but was having a hard time reaching that spot; he definitely needed a solution to the problem.

Right after that experience, he went out into the shop and took a golf club and cut the handle to the length he wanted, then used a PVC coupler for the roll-on container, and — voilà — it worked! There was about 3 months of trial and error, but he finally got it to work right.

While Roy was working on this product, he asked Regina to see if there was something like this on the market. She could not find anything like it, so they decided to file a patent for the product, which is currently pending. The product is—just like all of our products—made right here in the USA.

We hope that you enjoy your Roll-On Helper and find it as useful as we do!

(Patent Pending)

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