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Welcome to Boo Mountain!

We’re glad you stopped by! Our whole “thing” is inventing. We like to take everyday problems that everyday people have and find ways to solve them. Often our inventions come by necessity on our part (like a cat food bowl sliding all over the floor, for example), but we also like to daydream about ways to make other people’s lives easier.

Here on our website, you’ll find more information about our products and our history, and find out how you can contact us. (Maybe you have a problem we can solve by inventing something for you!) Feel free to look around, and be sure to visit our listings over on

Pet Feeder Buffet

Tired of your pet’s food bowls sliding all over the house? Wouldn’t it be nice if they could stay in the corner, out of the way and removed from high-traffic areas? Then check out our Pet Feeder Buffet!

Our product’s angular design is made specifically for placing your pets’ food in the corner of a room, while keeping all their food in one place (and out of your way).

Roll–On Helper

Once again, we’ve created another product to help you in your everyday life! For the majority of people – especially those with limited flexibility or physical impairments – trying to apply pain relievers like roll-on topical cremes or gels can be a real pain.

This is where our Roll-On Helper product can help you. With this simple arm, you’re able to extend your reach to be able to easily use a roll-on applicator on your back, your feet, or virtually anywhere else! (We recommend Icy Hot™ brand roll-on pain relievers, but our Roll-On Helper can be used with any brand.)